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What I.T Costs

At Degarmo Technologies we sell I.T and Cyber Security as a pre packaged solution. We have a strong emphasis on an All You Can Eat Attitude. With transparency in pricing you can quote yourself by just looking below (don't worry though we will still help you!) 

Cost intro

This package is designed for the medium sized business without any need for advanced support solutions or the need for hardened security. 

If you are a business with more than 10 employees, have computers, and always seem to have issues. This is the package for you! 

Basic Services

  • IT Service Desk (Unlimited)

  • Asset Procurement 

  • Microsoft M365

  • End Point Protection

  • Cloud Backup

$150.00 / Seat / Month

Basic Services

Pro Services

  • Basic Services

  • SIEM Solution

  • MDR Solution

  • Email Security

  • M365 Backups 

  • Security Reports

  • Compliance Reporting

  • NOC & SOC Service

This Package is designed for the medium to large business who has matured technology needs. Security and Compliance are of upmost importance and IT planning is proactive and not reactive. Typically clients who utilize this package are within the Financial, Health Care or Public Governance sectors. Typically you will have a single staff member dedicated IT and will leverage Degarmo Technologies as the workhorse and knowledgeable expert within the industry.

$250.00 / Seat / Month

Pro Services
Expert Services

This Package Includes everything you need, Designed for when Cyber Security is the priority and to wash your worries down the drain. This package includes services that are not commonly used but bring endless potential. Industries that require dynamic Information Security Policy management benefit the greatest from this package providing you with Virtual CISO and Virtual CTO services your dynamic policy management needs are met. Additionally we equip your team with a dedicated team of technical staff creating a consistent and efficient level of support 24 hours a day and 7 days a week! 

Expert Services

  • Pro Services Package

  • 24/7 All you can eat support

  • vCISO

  • vCTO

  • Dedicated Support Team

  • Monthly Security Audits

  • Managed Network Service included

$500.00 / Seat / Month

(Minimum 3 Seats)

Managed Network Services

Managed Network Services

Our team of Network Admins and Engineers will administer and Manage your organizations network ensuring security and keeping you online. This requires our network equipment to be purchased and deployed and does not include licensing.

$1,500.00 / Site / Month

This package is a strong choice for all of our clients. No matter what you will always need the internet and in a simple way of describing it this solution brings the internet to all of your endpoints. This is a popular service we provide enough that we have a dedicated team within out staff to only support our cloud networking solutions. This solution will include the following network device types. 

  • Switches

  • Access Points

  • Firewalls

  • Routers

  • VOIP Phones

  • Cameras

  • Access Control Hubs

It is also important to note that we only provide this solution type through just a few of our approved vendors. These vendors have been vetted by our team and our team is trained and education on these specific vendors allowing us to provide you the best level of support.  Like our company moto says We are Keeping You Connected. 

Small B u

Only Available for the small Business (10 Employees or less). This package brings a full stack IT and Cybersecurity solution to your business. Designed with growth in mind we gurantee that technology can be used to grow your business. The plan is designed to be a cheap and effective solution tailored towards new and small businesses.

Small Business 

Designed for small business with less than 10 employees. This package is fully equipped with Support, Managed Network, Microsoft 365, Lenovo cost savings and Endpoint Protection. Be confident that when you need tech support Degarmo Technologies will come through.

$100.00 / Seat / Month
(Minimum 3 seats maximum 10 seats)

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